Well Travelled Portuguese-English-Spanish Speaking IT Business Analyst

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A well travelled Portuguese-English-Spanish speaking IT Business Analyst has constantly acquired new knowledge to stay at the top of her game. She shares some of her experience here. 


Where do you work (city, country)?  

- São Paulo / Brazil

What is your job title and what industry do you work in? 

- I am the Business Analyst T/I area

How many years of experience do you have in this field? 

- 18 years

What languages do you speak? Has it been helpful in your career and why? 

- 3 Languages: Native Portuguese; Intermediary Spanish and
Intermediary English.

Can you tell us what you do on a daily basis in your job (tasks, activities, responsibilities…)?

- Project Management in IT from any application and as Business Analyst working on projects for Accounts Payable, Credit, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Shopping, Address Book and System Security Soft JDEdwards World and One World. As a Business Analyst I participated in deployments and implementations in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico and Venezuela, including making training to users.

If anything, what would you change about your job? 

- I wish I had more time and more plannification for the implementation of projects. Often they have to start on a certain date, and compete with other projects.

How did you start in this industry/career? 

- 18 years ago I began my activities as an Billing Assistant. In the course of my career I have participated in the creation of the Department’s Shared Services Center Financial area acting as a Supervisor of Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections, later moving to the area of T / I

What qualifications do you have? Has it been helpful to find this job? 

- Made several courses over my career oriented towards professional development:
- negociação de produtos e serviços (indort);
- condução de equipes (siti);
- otimização de reuniões (siti);
- o vôo do búfalo/assumindo a direção (t&d);
- first things first time management (covey);
- os sete hábitos das pessoas muito eficazes (covey);
- curso alpha (t&d);
- people skills (covey);
- curso sistema primavera (cargill);
- inglês (cellep);
- administração de tempo (t&d);
- comunicação (mba consultoria);
- planejamento (abud & sato consultoria);
- inglês (essencial idiomas)
- gestão de projetos (metodo consultoria)
- comunicação (mba consultoria empresarial)
- gerenciamento de projetos (icg – internal consulting group)
- habilidades de relacionamento interpessoal (covey)
- metodologia ppm

In your career to date, have you learned any lessons when looking for a job? 

- In reality I started in the job market in 1982 and I am in my 3rd job since then, and the change from one company to another was made by being head hunted, never sought employment.

Would you recommend others to do the same job? Why? 

- Yes for those who like challenges, it is stimulating and a great learning curve as you work in different areas which allows you to add a lot of knowledge.

Do you work long hours? Any other challenges? 

- Usually I work 8 hours per day, unless in specific situations and depending on the complexity of the project this time may be extended.

What is the best thing about your job? The worst thing? 

- All the knowledge I have acquired about the running of the company, the different cultures and places where I have been, the opportunity to meet people throughout Brazil and Latin America.

The worst thing happened at the beginning of my career when I travelled too much and was a long time away from my children.

If you could, what would you do differently if you were starting your career now? 

- I do not think I would do anything differently, I am very proud of what we have built today.

What are your objectives for the future? 

- After looking after my children, I want to go to college and get an idea about how to work more independently. 


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