“The 7 Laws of Success”

Author: Lee St.Louis

I always have a tendency to listen to self improvement & mindset CD’s because I really believe the mind is the most powerful instrument that a human being has. It appears as though all of these very successful people in today’s world like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, and many, MANY more have got a few things in common. So when it comes to success, it really is no mystery why those millionaires and billionaires get to where they get to.
Question is: What really separates those individuals from the vast majority of people who just live lives of quiet desperation? Why does one become extremely successful in multi-level marketing and the other is a complete failure? How come people always critic or bash successful people because they’re jealous? (lol). Well, I was able to come up with these 7 success tips that I feel are just some of the qualities successful people hold. Now obviously, there might be different factors to one’s success but if you want to succeed at ANYTHING, be it mlm, online marketing, business, your profession, these 7 success tips will almost GUARANTEE you reach your goals. Therefore I call these:

The 7 Success Tips That NEVER Fail!

Here they go:

Success Tips #1: Desire- Why is it that people want more money, more time freedom, better health, etc…but they never get it? Well it’s merely because they don’t really have the DESIRE! They don’t have a WHY strong enough to reach their dreams. They’re not willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. They’ll complain non-stop about lack of money, but if you say to them “Would you like to do something about it?”, they’ll say “Nah, I don’t wanna get involved in that pyramid scam!” Those people don’t have a strong enough desire. You MUST have a strong desire to become successful and the fact is Nobody is able to give you that desire. You must have it within yourself. How BAD do you want it? That’s the question you must ask yourself when you get up each morning!

Success Tips #2: Belief- If you can’t see yourself making $20K per month, then guess what? YOU WON”T MAKE $20K PER MONTH! If you don’t belief in something, I GUARANTEE you that nobody else will. “Oh yea Bob, you’re gonna make $20K in MLM, yea sure…whatever”. You think others will believe in you? They won’t. As a matter of fact, they’ll be the ones to STEP ON YOUR DREAMS! If you don’t believe in yourself and in what you’re doing, then chances are nobody else will. You must BELIEVE in your dreams, you have to believe that you can accomplish it, you must believe that nothing will stop you until you get to the top. Belief plays a crucial role because most folks will likely have the desire to become financial free, however they don’t believe they could. You have to believe in yourself my friend.

Success Tips #3: Visioning- Take some time everyday contemplating what life will be like whenever you reach your goals. Have a strong vision about your goals, dreams, and desires. Picture what life will be like when you can fire your boss and spend all the time you want with your loved ones. Picture yourself in that brand-new Mercedes Benz S550 that you look at often on the road. Contemplate the vacation on that exotic island that you’ve always aspired to visit, over looking the ocean in a 5-star hotel, with your family by your side. Think about what you’ll be able to do within your community and church when you reach that financial success. Why do you want what you want? Envision yourself ALREADY there and the more you have that vision, the more and more you’ll do the things necessary to reach your goals.

Success Tips #4- Invest & Follow- You have to INVEST in yourself if you want to really be successful. You must learn and follow individuals who have walked the journey before and have reached the top. If you want to be a millionaire, study, invest and learn from other millionaires. If you want to become a successful heart surgeon, invest in your education and learn from other successful heart surgeons. You have to be willing to invest and follow after successful people so that you too can be successful. Don’t go cheap with your education. Buy those SEO marketing courses, or whatever marketing method you wish to master, buy those coaching packages, buy those tickets to live events. Surround yourself with other like minded people that are headed where you want to go. Get rid off those skeptical, negative people in your life.

Success Tips #5- Take Action- Look, Tony Robbins said it best. He states “The only thing that matters is ACTION”! If you don’t take action, you won’t be successful, PERIOD! You have an idea, put it out there. You’re ready to start a business, go ahead and start it. You just bought that $1,000 MLM Traffic Formula course, take action and implement what you learn. Action, action, ACTION! Nothing else matters. Successful people take ACTION (enough said on this subject!)

Success Tips #6- Consistency & Perseverance – You’ve got to be CONSISTENT in whatever endeavor you begin. You’re either consistent, or you’re none existent. You can’t only make 3 calls tomorrow and then not make another call for a week. You can’t just write one blog or article today and then you do nothing next week. You can’t just play one game of basketball and expect to be another Kobe Bryant. You have to practice your craft, you must stay consistent, and you will have to persevere. Things won’t be easy. If success was easy, EVERYONE would be successful. You must persevere, knowning that you’ll reach bumps, trials, and tribulations on the way. EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON HAS HAD FAILURES!!!!!!!!!!! Be aware that you’re going to make mistakes along your journey. It’s your job to determine what you’re gonna do with those set backs.

Success Tips #7- NEVER GIVE UP! I don’t even know why I put this one at number 7 because its probably the most important one out of the 7 success tips. Those who quit never win, and those who win never quit. It doesn’t matter what happens, you should never quit. No matter how many times you fall, you have to keep getting back up.

This is definitely the secret of the 2% of individuals on the planet who’re extremely successful!


7 Success Tips Conclusion

To conclude this article, I simply felt like it was my duty to create an article talking about some simple success tips and principles. I’ve used these 7 principles and have always been successful in whatever endeavor I was doing. It doesn’t matter what you desire to accomplish in your life. Just remember these 7 Success Tips and you’ll achieve anything you wish, GUARANTEED!!!

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