Expats in Angola

What has led to an influx of expats in Angola?

The recent discoveries of oil fields in Angola have created a demand for a number of job opportunities for expert professionals in every field. This has led to the relocation of professionals (with or without their families) in large numbers.

It is difficult to pinpoint one country and say that the major community of expatriates comes from this particular country because at the end of the day, skill isn’t country-specific. In Angola, you are bound to come across expats from America, Europe, Asia and even from Australia and New Zealand.

Also, the climate is much in favor for expatriates who are from perpetually cooler countries and seek a pleasant warm weather. Expats in Angola can expect both positive and negative aspects of moving to a country that is still developing.

Taking into consideration the generous pay package that this second largest oil-producing African country offers, there are also a few drawbacks. The cost of living is comparatively higher in Angola, with Luanda classifying as one of the top cities with a very high cost of living.

Moving to Angola: Evaluate your Pros and Cons

If you are moving in with family and school-going children, you’d realize that the education system isn’t up to the mark. Angola is also a great place for teachers looking for high paying jobs as the government is making conscious efforts to develop the present education standard of the country.

Don’t expect the best health care system in Angola as the country is still in its developing phase. However, the condition is much better with a number of qualified doctors having relocated to the country.

Safety wise, Angola has come a long way and the crime rate has sloped downward by a good few notches. Also, you might find a few issues traffic wise as, like the other infrastructural facilities, the roads and other means of transport are being rebuilt.

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