Expats in Mozambique

If you love aesthetic and unadulterated beauty that is hard to find in today’s era, Mozambique is the place to be!

In fact, a lot of highly-skilled experts from the agricultural and bio-fuel related industry flock to this African country to both quench their professional knowledge and their wanderlust. Mozambique is still in its stage of development and the healthcare, education and standard of living might not be apt to give the western countries a competition, but it has improved considerably since the end of its internal civil war in 1992.

Get in Touch with Other Expats in Mozambique

If you are planning to move to the country, get in touch with expats in Mozambique who are more than willing to provide guidance and companionship. Knowing someone from the same country, would also help in finding apartments and job opportunities, however be aware of whom you trust.

There are a number of expat online communities that you can browse and use to connect to members.

Mozambique: Learn the Language

Most expats in Mozambique are advised to learn basic Portuguese as that would enhance better communication with local people and government officials. Even, if you are an English speaking professional with hopes of finding better employment opportunities, an understanding of Portuguese is bound to increase your chances.

Apart from Portuguese, Swahili, Sena and Makhuwa are also spoken by Mozambicans, albeit on a smaller scale.

Get to Know the Local Culture

Expatriates are sometimes worried about the religious and cultural traditions of a country. In Mozambique, the majority of people are Catholics with smaller groups of Muslims and traditional tribes with their own beliefs.

Assess your Employment Opportunities in Mozambique

For those engaged in volunteering work, Mozambique is a great place for community service and there are a number of non-profit organizations from every part of the world, operating on a large scale.

Engineers, doctors, teachers, technicians and managers can expect to find high-paying jobs in Mozambique, due to the huge demand for such individuals.

Keep an eye out for safety as even though the condition has improved, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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