Why Are There So Many Expats In Portugal?

Portugal’s Picturesque Beauty

A lot of tourists fall in love with the serene ambience and Portugal’s affable natives, hence it is not uncommon for foreigners to relocate to Portugal to spend their retirement years or to just live in a city that is not plagued by the usual hectic city life.

Pleasant Portuguese Climate

Whether it is the warm climate or the never-ending natural golf courses, Portugal is regularly flocked by millions of people every year. The pleasant weather is welcomed by those coming from extremely cold countries.

Portugal’s Modest Population Level

The country’s population is fairly small, making everyday living easier and facile. Property is reasonably priced and the cost of living is modest which means that relocating to Portugal is a lucrative option for those who love the sun and who have some disposable income.

There are expats in Portugal who have come from every possible country. You have American, Dutch, Egyptian, Indian, Russian, Albanian, British, Bolivian, Italian, Slovakian and even Spanish expats in Portugal.

Affable Expat Communities

There are diverse expatriate communities that help you connect with people from your country. You can find a number of websites and forums on the internet that act as a link and also offer tips and guides for expats planning to move to Portugal.

Major Expat hotspots

Most of the expats are concentrated in Lisbon, which is also the capital of Portugal and one of the most popular cities. If your reason to relocate is to be away from the crowd, you should opt out of choosing Lisbon. However, for business and job opportunities, Lisbon, Porto and The Algarve are great options.

Of the three, The Algarve is still a region considered for its natural beauty and lots of sunshine, without being as expensive as the other two. Hence, it is the number one option for those who want to balance work with a pleasant stay.

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