Top 5 Places to Study Portuguese in Portugal

Foreigners commonly find themselves at a loss while trying to communicate with the natives in Portugal. If you happen to be overseas whether for higher studies or on business, it is better to learn Portuguese in Portugal so that you can easily fit in.

Here are some of the best places where to learn Portuguese in Portugal:

Languages in Action

Tailor-made to suit the requirements of each student, the school offers students in Lisbon a chance to study Portuguese in Portugal in both classroom style and individually. The classroom size here is much smaller than the average and holds up to only 8 students so that each students get their share of due attention. The course duration and timings vary which means that individuals with erratic schedules can join too.

Go Lisbon

If you want to study Portuguese in Portugal and are not necessarily looking for a course in just Lisbon, check out Go Lisbon. The website offers a renowned distance learning course and in collaboration with Cactus Languages, you can also take their class in Faro, Portimão and of course Lisbon.

CIAL Centro De Linguas

The company has branches in both Lisbon and Faro and boasts of high-quality individualistic courses to suit every student’s needs. No matter what background do you hail from, the courses have something to offer to people from every walk of professional life, making your aim to study Portuguese in Portugal worthy of not just basic communication, but also enhancing your ability to understand official terminologies better.

Further, an online bookstore is a great way to gain more information and understand the subject-matter in depth.

Fast Forward Language Institute

A full-fledged language institute determined to help those on the lookout to learn Portuguese in Portugal by providing a friendly approach to a professional subject. Located in Porto, the institute is serious about its course and has a specialized module. It also assists students with accommodation, travelling costs and placement.

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