How to Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Considering the significant number of countries in which Portuguese is spoken as an official language, it has become one of the most important languages in the world today. However, every country tends to give the language a distinct national flavour and Brazilian Portuguese bears no difference to that notion.

Difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese

Before you enrol in taking Brazilian Portuguese lessons, understand how it differs from European Portuguese. In terms of choice of words, verb tense, sentence structuring and even accent, both the versions differ to a great extent, with the Brazilian Portuguese accent differing mainly because it is spoken faster.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil

There are a number of universities offering special courses and you can also opt for personal tutors, who can help you learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese in a one-to-one session. However, you should establish their credibility beforehand. Today, with the advancement in technology, you can take online tutoring by renowned teachers from an entirely different part of the country.

How to Learn Brazilian Portuguese from another Country

If you are based out of Brazil, look for a Brazilian embassy in your country. Most of the embassies offer entry and advanced level Brazilian Portuguese lessons. One plus point is that you are taught by native Brazilian teachers, who definitely have a better grasp on the language.

For those seeking to learn the Brazilian Portuguese language at your own pace and without being confined to in a classroom, online courses are the best option. A distance learning course provides you with learning material, video tutorials and webcam classes, so that students can easily learn in the vicinity of their own homes.

Lastly, check out your local library or the bookstore as there are some self-help books that enable you to learn any language, right from scratch. Today, you can also opt for eBooks, the soft version of paperbacks and these also come with resources and additional links to websites with more information on this particular topic.

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