Portuguese in Brazil: Learning Portuguese in Brazil

Portuguese is the official language in Brazil and if you are a foreigner who has just stepped into the country, feeling utterly lost because you don’t understand a word of what the others are saying; it’s time for you to study Portuguese in Brazil.

The fact that it is the official spoken language makes learning Portuguese in Brazil much easier as most of the schools and universities offer a course. From schools, universities, private tutors and distance learning courses, if you want to study Portuguese in Brazil, you really are spoilt for choice. Here are some of them:

Portuguese Language School in Sao Paulo

A converted villa, the school offers some of the best courses, including Portuguese in Brazil. Funded by international sources, the school is apt if you want to mingle with a lot of other foreigners and expats. Apart from Portuguese, you can also learn an array of other languages.


Located in Salvador, Bahia, Idioma is a hub of Brazilian culture where you are given free dance classes along with being introduced to the essence of their aestheticism along with being taught high-quality Portuguese in Brazil by the best teachers. The students are not required to pay any enrolment and advance fees and if they wish to opt for Skype classes, there’s provision for that too!

Casa do Caminho Language Centre

If you have moved to Rio de Janeiro, and wish to learn Brazilian Portuguese, check out Casa do Caminho Language Centre. Situated a couple of blocks away from the Ipanema beach, the learning centre offers to teach the language, by renowned teachers. Also, if you enrol in a course here, your fee goes for charity work, mainly to support and sustain vulnerable children and teenagers.

ESL Language Studies

Basically a European initiative, the agency offers not just courses but also other amenities. It makes learning Portuguese in Brazil easier by offering basic, intermediate and advanced levels. You can also make an online enrolment to secure a place before they run out of bookings.


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