Why Join Portuguese Language Courses?

The entire world has been divided by not just physical but also language barriers. Hence, it is always better to learn a foreign language for either the love for it or for convenience.

Popularity of the Portuguese Language

Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language and more than a total of 230 million people speak Portuguese. There might be colloquial variations of the language, but Brazilian Portuguese is considered significantly different than the actual European Portuguese. Not just in Brazil or Portugal, Portuguese is the also official language in more than 8 countries and it is estimated that USA alone harbours more than 1.3 million people with Portuguese as their native language.


Such startling fact is enough to turn a person’s decision in favour of learning the Portuguese language and with today’s advanced development in technology, it is possible to learn the language from anywhere on the planet. Whether you want to just learn how to speak Portuguese or are seeking a comprehensive list of Portuguese language courses, the internet is the best place where to find what you need.

Better Job Prospects with Portuguese

With the economic development of countries like Brazil, Angola or Mozambique, learning Portuguese will open doors and you will benefit from all the job opportunities being created there.

If you are based in Portugal, Brazil or any other country where Portuguese is spoken as either the first or second language, it will be easier for you to find a school or a university offering Portuguese language courses.

Where to Learn Portuguese?

For those based abroad, look for embassies of countries where Portuguese is an official language or you can even enroll on a distance learning program offered by all the major universities. In fact some universities offer courses in all the major languages.

There are natives who speak Portuguese and reside in foreign countries. A lot of them offer personal tutoring classes at reasonable prices. However, you should do a background check on them and establish their credibility before taking them on as a mentor.

Also, keep in mind that certain Portuguese language courses encompass all the aspects of the European version and there are some that border entirely towards Brazilian Portuguese. If you think you’d benefit more by learning the latter, make sure to inquire about the same.

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