The Most Lucrative Jobs in Angola

Post the civil war, Angola has been doing exceptionally well in terms of economic growth. A large part of this success can be attributed to the abundance of offshore and onshore oil resources that have been recently discovered.

Skilled Technicians, Engineers and Managers

Considering that the country’s education level may need improvement, there is a lack of technical knowhow and expertise in Angola, creating opportunities for people with the right skills.

The country, due to its recent discovery of oil and gas resources and also its newfound determination to succeed and develop as a country, has created a myriad of jobs in Angola.

Technicians and managers with prior work experience in oil and gas companies will particularly find taking up employment in Angola profitable. Engineers, site technicians, managers and HR personnel are much in demand.

Travel and Tourism

Also, as Angola’s economy develops and its fame spreads, an increasing number of tourists want to visit the country, which also has much to offer to historians and archeologists. This leads to a stable growth in the Travel and Tourism sector, leading to further job opportunities.

Construction and Architecture

If you are in the construction business, you would find Angola to be specifically high-paying. Angola’s government has been making extensive efforts in rehabilitating the infrastructure of the nation and hence engineers in large numbers are required to give Luanda and the rest of Angola a face lift.

Teaching Staff

For teachers who have recently relocated and looking for jobs in Angola, there’s good news. With renewed emphasis laid on improving the standard of education in the country, there is demand for English speaking teachers. Angola is one of ESL (English as a second language) countries and with an increase in trade and development, Angolans are keen to learn how to speak English.

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