Employment in Rio de Janeiro: Know your chances of getting hired better!

Of all the other Brazilian cities, Rio de Janeiro has been labelled as the most promising. This is why most foreigners prefer relocating to Rio, if they have to shift base to Brazil.

Go to Rio? Go Bilingual!

Finding employment in a new country could be daunting, especially if you do not speak the official language. Some jobs require its employees to be bilingual by default and others are solely for English speaking professionals. However, if you enroll in Brazilian Portuguese classes or even take an online course, it will double your prospect of bagging a good job.

Which professionals would benefit while seeking employment in Rio de Janeiro?

The country is a hotspot for engineers, especially related to the oil and gas industry as the recent boom in the country’s oil industry has created a huge demand for skilled professionals. Engineers and skilled technicians in the construction sector could benefit with the current state of employment in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil in general and Rio in particular attract a surge of tourists every year. The picturesque landscape, tourist attractions like The Corcovado Mountain and of course the carnivals draw in a huge crowd, thus creating employment opportunities for professionasl in the Travel and Tourism sector.

Managers and HR professionals continue to be in demand and can expect one of the highest-paying jobs in Brazil. Also, for English teachers, Brazil is currently the best country to take up teaching and since Rio de Janeiro happens to be its vital point, the demand is more in Rio.

Teacher’s call!

Considering the fact the Brazil is the largest country with English as a second language, hence the demand for teachers is much more than any other profession. Some teachers work in collaboration with schools, universities and language centers, while others go independent teaching business professionals and top corporate leaders, raking in up to R$ 60 for just one hour!