Facts about Brazil

Brazil can easily be dubbed as South America’s most developed country, owing to its potential for growth and relatively lower crime rate. A number of prominent corporate entities are making a beeline to tap the growth potential of the country and for job-seekers too, Brazil has quite a lot to offer.

Brazilian Abundant Natural Resources

A look at some startling facts about Brazil state that the country is rich in natural resources, both in terms of agriculture and metals like bauxite, nickel, tin, gold, platinum and iron ore. If proper expertise is applied, this could turn the face of Brazil’s economy and lead to tremendous development.

Brazil’s Rapid Development

Also, there exists a regional disparity with the southern and south-eastern part of the country being favored over its north-eastern areas. However, even the north is attracting investment by foreign bureaucrats and after Manaus being selected to host matches for the upcoming 2014 World Cup, a lot is being invested in tourism and construction. This also opens up a myriad of job opportunities for those in the Travel and Tourism, Construction and even Managerial fields.

Brazil is Self-sufficient in oil

Initially, Brazil had to depend upon imports to meet 70% of its oil requirements, but with emphasis laid on using expertise to draw oil and petroleum products, the country declared itself to be self-sufficient in the year 2006.

Being rich in oil, Brazil soon faced an influx of foreign oil companies queuing to tap into its liquid gold resources. Petroleum products apart, Brazil has also been a noteworthy car producer. Since 1960, the production and export have increased over the years and the total car production was 2.61 million units in 2007.

Great Employment Opportunities in Brazil

For engineers, geologists, managers, business developers, technicians and specialists in the field of mining, oil and gas, electricity, construction and services, and teachers, Brazil has a promising future ahead. The Brazilian industrial and service sectors are in their developing phase, creating a myriad of opportunities for those who are clever enough to tap into it at the right time.

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