Facts and Figures about Brazil Employment

According to research, the unemployment rate in the country is fast stumbling down, leading to long-term and favorable employment opportunities in Brazil. Over the past few decades, there has been both a sustainable creation of jobs as well as modification of labor laws, which has given the Brazil employment scene a great boost.

If you are looking for employment in Rio de Janeiro, then you’d have a bit of an upper hand as Rio is the most established and advanced city in the country. However, it does not mean that you cannot find employment in Sao Paulo or another city for that matter of fact.

Best Employment Opportunities in Brazil

The most high-paying employment prospect is to start or expand a business in Brazil. Doing business anyway gathers more profit than a 9 to 5 job, but since Brazil is teeming with talent and is on the threshold of tasting significant developments, it would be highly profitable to tap such employment opportunities in Brazil now.

Other career prospects that promise impressive pay checks are the top managerial positions. On an average, a General Manager and a Managing Director earn somewhere in between 35000-45000 BRL. Accountants and Engineers too would find themselves raking benefits from Brazil employment structure.

Technicians who are well-versed in mining, gas, architectural and electrical sectors are much in demand in the country. Also, an influx of malls over the past few years has created a huge demand for sales personnel, so if sales is your call, Brazil is your destination.

Industry wise, the bio fuel industry is growing leaps and bounds owing to the fact that Brazil has a strong agricultural sector. The teaching sector is a hot-spot and there is a dearth of good teachers in the country. Given that Brazil till recently hadn’t paid much emphasis on higher education, the sector is warming up and if you’re a bilingual teachers (it is necessary to be well-versed in Brazilian Portuguese too), you’d find many excellent employment opportunities in Brazil, depending upon your qualifications.