How to Call to Brazil

A lot of people need to travel on business, while their families stay behind in Brazil. International calls are expensive, whether you are calling Brazil from the US or the UK, the rates might differ a bit, but on the whole it can go up to ten times higher than local calls.

Calls to Brazil: Cell phone or Soft phone

If you are seeking information on how to call to Brazil, you need to first figure out whether you’d be making calls through the internet or your cell phone. Calling through the net is considerably cheaper than making calls from your cell phones, especially if your service provider charges extra for international roaming charges.

There are many plans that allow users to call home at cheaper rates. If you are calling from the US, then consider checking out VoiceStick, which is a program that offers both the person in the US and in Brazil a US number, thus making it easier to call through soft phone (phone on a computer screen). Similarly, Skype is the most popular method people use while making international calls.

The only problem is that the voice quality might not be that good, but when it comes to rate, you can actually make calls for just 1.5 cents.

Some other popular plans to call to Brazil

Another option, especially for calling to Brazil is Liga Pro Brasil, a website akin to Skype and that uses softphone technology to help make cheaper calls. and too are great options. Gizmoproject is another way to call to Brazil, if you are based in the US. The quality of the call has been reported to be really good and you can make calls at a really low cost. With regards to Guzmoproject, the person you intend to call to should have a gizmo account.

Go Text!

Apart from calling, there are numerous cross-device applications that help you stay in touch through texting and sharing files. If calling gets way too expensive for you, turn traditional!

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