Recruitment in Brazil: How to Succeed

Offshore recruitment has been on a rise since the past few years. International recruiters not only find professionals in other countries teeming with talent but can also hire at a lower pay owing to a favourable currency exchange rate and a lower cost of living.

For agencies and companies looking to recruit in Brazil, the country has been deemed as one of the fastest growing markets along with India and China. Whether you are recruiting in Brazil or India, there are certain factors that might hinder the prospect.

Build a Strong Recruiting Network in Brazil

Networking plays a major factor and a lack of a trusted mesh of recruiting partners in the other country forces companies to look for professionals in their homeland. This could both lead to missing out on more talented individuals and also cost money. However, today with globalization and ease of communication, this barrier is fast diminishing.

Research the Brazilian Market

Ignorance about the foreign market, lack of surveys and research is another factor. Even if you are not a multinational corporation with a separate research and development department, you should invest in researching the foreign market since in the long run, it would prove immensely profitable.

Move over Exaggerated Safety Concerns

Some people wonder how to recruit in Brazil in particular and South America in general, while it is still a developing country and also not comparatively safer than its northern counterparts? The crime rate has considerably reduced over the years and Brazil especially has been deemed much safer. Also, according to a survey done by non-profit organizations in the country, the teen crimes’ number one reason is a lack of stable employment structures.

It has been estimated that in the next five years, 25 percent of all the world’s companies will explore new markets and 20% of the largest and most-renowned multinational corporations would more than double their workforce in foreign countries. Brazil seems to be right at the top of their list.

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