Jobs in Mozambique

Mozambique is only recently recovering from the terror and devastation, which thirty years of internal warfare had garnered. Millions of natives had fled the country and those who stayed back were more concerned with living a normal life than thinking about industrial development.

However, things have now improved and the economy has taken a turn for the better.

Most Preferred Sectors in Mozambique

The best jobs in Mozambique are agriculture related as the country, especially along the northern area, has abundant natural resources. Skilled technicians and bio-fuel scientists would find relocating to Mozambique incredibly fruitful.

The country’s natural resources are not just in terms of vegetation, but also mineral deposits. Mining is one of the largest sectors in Mozambique and owing to a dearth of qualified and experts in the field, there is always a demand for foreign technicians, site managers, site foremen, metallurgy superintendents and other mining related professionals.

Additional Employment Scope

Also, this year large oil reserves were discovered in the country, which means that in today’s oil-stricken world, a number of foreign-based oil companies would soon be investing hefty amounts of money in Mozambique to tap into this liquid gold.

This has been estimated to give the country’s economy a great boost and also increase the number of jobs in Mozambique, especially in the oil and mining related sector.

Tourism is also increasing. Despite challenges linked to infrastructures and transport, this sector is developing and recruiting more than ever.

Easing Trade Tariff in Mozambique

Being a member of the SADC (South African Development Community), Mozambique has benefited from the community’s great support to eliminating tariff and curbing trade barriers. This has led to a tremendous growth in the economy, which the World Bank highlighted and praised in 2007. Even the IMF labelled Mozambique as a complete success story in Africa.

Portuguese Language

The majority of people speak Portuguese, so for anyone thinking of relocating to Mozambique, it is advisable to undertake a course in Portuguese. If you are a Portuguese bilingual, you will find some good job opportunities in this beautiful country.

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