Jobs in Portugal: What Are Your Chances?

The last few decades saw Portugal making significant changes in terms of infrastructural development, health and medicine, standard of living, and employment.

The last few years have been hard for Portugal. Portugal’s economy has suffered from the financial and economic crisis and unemployment has risen.

All is not bleak though and you can still find some good job opportunities in this country, in particular if you have the right qualifications and if you are bilingual.

Paid Jobs in Portugal Vs Business Ownership

Around 66% of Portugal’s population is engaged in paid jobs, with the scale tipping in favour of men, of which 75% hold a paid job as opposed to 61% of women. Although, business ownership does yield more profit, there are a number of high-paying jobs in Portugal as well.

There are certain regulations and laws related to foreign brands opening a chain in Portugal, you should familiarize yourself with the nuances of each regulation before contemplating a business start up.

Importance of Learning Portuguese

If you are not a native, the first thing you should aim at is to learn the language. The demand is high for English speaking professionals in the country, but with even a basic understanding of the official language, you can increase your chances of getting hired. For example, if you wished to teach English (the demand for which is sky-high), you should understand entry level if not advanced Portuguese, in order to be on the same level and communicate better with your students.

Which Professionals Have the Highest Chances of bagging the Best Jobs in Portugal?

The country has only recently started laying emphasis on education and teachers in general have a good chance at scoring a high-paying job. Apart from teachers, skilled technicians and professionals in every sector could find employment in Portugal.

From travel and tourism to architecture, the country has something to offer to everyone. Even those engaged in the profession of beauty and health care are in great demand. Doctors, pharmacists and skilled medical personnel are preferred and the higher the qualification, the better the chances of getting some of the best medical-related jobs in Portugal.


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